With technology coming from the mother-company known as MICRONET CO. LTD, located in Sapporro, Japan, and it's two subsidiaries -- MICRONET SOFTWARE MANILA, INC., (MSM), in the Philippines and BIGNET USA INC. in San Francisco, California, the Micronet Group is dedicated to the art and science of computer graphics. .

Their existence since 1982 is marked by several achievements in the field of game and software development.Such as producing a variety of games for GENESIS, SEGA CD, GAME GEAR, SUPER NINTENDO AND PC-ENGINE using their own developed software. Thus, joining the ranks of companies who develop their own games and business systems and use them as well.

The vast possibilities of 3D Art and rapid developments in IT and computer technology, the Micronet Group has ventured on to multimedia presentations, Office Applications, interactive animations and Web Development with the development of 3DAtelier and using it alongside other graphic and web tools software.

As of today, 3D Atelier is being used in various computer graphic colleges and universities in Japan for their multimedia courses and has also made its way into the Philippines, currently taught in one of the local colleges in their Digital Animation class. Now on its fourth version, 3D Atelier is continuously improved with the users in mind.

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Micronet Software Manila, Inc. (Metro Manila, Philippines)
Micronet Co. Ltd. (Sapporo, Japan)
Bignet USA Inc. (San Francisco, California)