The Motion Editor is the key animation software of 3D Atelier.The ME uses ray-trace rendering, known as [Raymagic] and now, using DirectX8.1 technology, it can also render in real - time. This is called Livemagic. This is also the same rendering engine used in SSE.
With LiveMagic, ME lets you preview and edit the scene in real-time showing the object’s Material, and texture information including shadow and reflection. While in RayMagic mode, ME provides for ray-trace rendering resulting to a more accurate and realistic shadows, reflection and refraction.
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There are two "expanded shader" available which can be applied on a per attribute basis:

1. Edge transparency shader blurs the edges up to the specified degree to make them gradually disappear towards the edge.

2. Standard particle shader renders the points of the model in varying effects to simulate particles of light, snow, spark and so on.


Similar to the Scene Structure Editor (SSE), the Material Editor lets you texture directly in the Motion Editor. You can also import materials previously saved and apply them to the object in your current project.


Bone is animation aid you can use to move seamless objects. It can be linked and moved utilizing full IK. In addition, it can be used to deform a group of vertices assigned to a specific "Vertex Attribute". This function called the VR Bone is an intuitive add-on feature, which extends the use of bones in creating animation.


The score editor is added to allow the key frames in the scene to be edited all together as opposed to the per-axis (XYZ or HPB) key frame editing in the track editor. In the score editor you simply choose a key frame on GUI to scale or move to influence the speed of an action or scene.


In 3D Atelier M.E., independent key frames can be set for the Move, Rotate and Scale commands. Plus, you can fine-tune your motion data with respect to these 3 functions in their corresponding XYZ axis in the track editor to create a fluid motion.

The hierarchy structure explorer, which resides in the Control panel allows for a quick and intuitive way of changing the hierarchical relationship between existing objects through drag-and-drop feature.

  EXPORT TO GIF  (WEB authoring support function)

(WEB authoring support function) Animation can now be saved into GIF animation format.

  3DX (*) File Supported  (Write only)
Data can be exported to 3DX file format, so you can view and interactive with 3D objects in the web using the downloadable 3DX player plug-in.
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