The Modeler is the software that lets you build 3D models from primitive objects such as boxes and spheres and polyline primitives like arc, circle, star and more. It also includes a host of external programs that let you view, texture and render your models, as well as some other tools that provide for object effects such as creating pillars, gears and logos. The Modeler has the following features:
  IGES FILE SUPPORT (Import only)

3D Atelier can import IGES files used in CAD. It can
support entities such as NURBS surface with trim,
plane with boundary, NURBS curve and parametric
spline curve.

3DA 4 now supports polyline primitives like,straight
line, curve, wave, rectangle, circle, ellipse, positive
multilateral form, and star. User can begin modeling
with polylines and convert them to solid mesh objects
by using the new commands like Lathe, Sweep and

  Vertex Relation.

Using Vertex Relation, curved mesh surfaces are made easy through direct vertex manilpulation. The shape is created as the user pulls or push on one vertex while the other selected vertices moved accordingly. The outcome is defined by the type of relation selected \ namely, Fixed, Proportional, Smooth, Positive, Negative and User Defined.
Converts 3DA files to other popular formats.
The data converter can translate files created with other software into 3D Atelier file format and vise versa.
>>data formats supported
  3DX (*) FILE SUPPORT (Export only)
3D animation and models made can now be exported to 3DX file which you can display and interact with in the internet using a plug-in called the 3DX player that can be downloaded.
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