3d atelier's potential on 3d animation can be maximize by applying this on the web by simply converting the scene file to 3DX. We can simply create 3d animations on the web, plus with interactivity. Here were going to teach you how to add an animation group to a scene then exporting this to 3dx file. The procedure is very simple to follow, we have already made the motion sequence for the scene, complete with the textures and objects are already in set, just down load the (176KB) msq file and begin.

This file contains a model plane with objects that had already been parented and positioned, if you run the animation, you will see some of the parts are animated. The animated parts will be used as an event when triggering the animation group; these parts are the Wpropeller, WheelDummyL, WheelDummyR, WheelhandleR WheelhandleL, WwheelcloseL and WwheelcloseR. To set-up the animation group, open the Animation Groups window.

Add the first group. In the animation group section add the Wpropeller, to do this click on the check box then drag the object name towards the object list. Change the group name to Propeller and for the Start frame insert 1,for the End frame insert 90, because the propellers animation starts at frame1 and ends at 90. For the Action select Loop.

Add the second and last group; select the objects, WheelDummyL, WheelDummyR, WheelhandleR WheelhandleL, WwheelcloseL and WwheelcloseR, then input 0 and 80 for Start and End Frame then select Keep for the Action name the group as Gearup.
Animation group can be triggered by a surface attribute. To set-up the Animation Group, on the Attribute/Events section select Wpropeller for the Attribute.
Then check on the Animation Group check box, and select by Click for the Trigger. This will trigger the animation group once you click on the Wpropeller's attribute surface.
Next add another attribute event select WwheelR for the Attribute and for Trigger select by Click then for Animation Group select Gearup. Also add the WwheelL for the Attribute and then follow the settings you made for the Trigger and Animation Group.
The animation will be triggered when you click on the wheel parts, this can only be done once you convert the scene to 3dx file. That's what where going to do next.

On the file menu select Export 3DX this will prompt you to save the file, Once you save the file, a window for the 3DX Export Options opens up. You can configure the settings or just leave the defaults, after that you can click OK.

The 3dx window will open up once you exported the scene. Click on the propeller and wheel parts to trigger the animation events.

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