What is 3DX?

The 3DX Player, Web 3D generator, is a feature that can view a 3dx file which serves as an object, which you can insert in your application programs or html files. A 3D world incorporated into web pages.

This file, unlike the gif and jpeg files, is in actual dimension 3D where the objects are in real-time 3d world that the user can explore through, click and move about. The 3D objects within this 3dx file can also animate, act as buttons to link to another page or play a streaming wav file. You can do a lot of things with this 3dx file.

But not all Web 3D can be viewed normally in all computers. You need a special plug-in to install for the Web 3D to work on your page. In 3DX Player, this plug-in is called the Active X Component. This file allows you to view 3D web properly. It is the component that generates the 3D viewing in html files and application programs. This file is available and downloadable in the Micronet web page. However, in 3DAtelier, this plug-in is already installed and can be generated once you have created your own page.

    3DX Samples Gallery

Chalcosoma Caucasus Beetle


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