3D Atelier Version 3.5 IT - TRIAL EDITION
  With 3D Atelier Version 3.5, several features were added thus evolving into a 3D CG software and authoring tool of the IT era. Among the features added are the Web3D which utilizes the ActiveX technology, network rendering and increased rendering speed. Various improvements were also introduced on the existing modeler and Motion editor, making them more convenient to use.
3D Atelier Version 3.5 IT
( 24.2MB )
3DA IT packs new features and improvements . . .
    IGES file import (read only)
    Poly line support
    Object hierarchy structure and local axis are added
    3DX file support
    Numeric input support
    A new texture wrapping method is added
    Reduces the number of colors while preserving image quality when exporting to GIF format
    3DX file support (write only)
    Addition of the score editor enables editing of keyframe timing
    Export GIF animation
    3DX file support (write only)
Web 3D
    3DX Player
    Html image mapping aid tool
    Javascript generating tool